I want to fly so that I can reach my goal of being a pilot and then to spend the rest of my life flying and learning to pilot different aircraft.

But I would like to go further than that and help other achieve that dream as I fully believe in paying it forward to others who might see my adventure as an inspiration to get others with the same problems I had. It would be great to meet likeminded people as you get a sense of community when you head towards a common goal.

I would like to make it easier and cheaper for people to learn to fly and then make it cheaper to fly once you pass. I would also like to create a community and forum for people who fly all different sorts of aircrafts and make it fun and enjoyable.

I would also like to lobby for greener flying to make sure the growing demand for flights is met with action towards alternative energy sources by governments and the like.

I would also like to help charities via flying.


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