Air Navigation

11 Jun

I am now on the third book -Air Navigation by Trevor Thom.


Aviation Law and Meteorology- completed the reading

14 May

I have  finished the second book on aviation law and Meteorlogy for my upcoming ground exams and am now moving on to the third book by Trevor Thom- Air Navigation. Its hard work but getting there slowly but surely. Again will have to pick up the pace as my flying training is getting real near now.

The 10 Cheesiest Top Gun lines you never forget

26 Apr

Sat down to watch TV last night and one of the all time flying classics – Top Gun was on with Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer and Kelly McGillis. Whether you are a flying fan or not you have to admit that the film is a classic and has some of the cheesiest lines known to film. During the film last night I wrote down ten of the best:

  1. “Son, your Ego’s writing cheques your body can’t cash!”

  2. ” I got the need, the need for speed.”

  3. ” She’s lost that loving feeling” ( taken from the song by The Righteous Brothers)

  4. “Mustang, this is Maverick requesting a flyby…. request denied Maverick — yeehaw son of a gun.”

  5. “Goose you stud, take me to bed or lose me forever.”

  6. “That’s the gutsiest move I ever saw man.”

  7. ” God he loved flying with you Maverick”

  8. ” If you can’t find a rear, I’ll fly with you”

  9. “Ten minutes!!!   this thing we be over in 2 minutes man”

  10. “You’re still dangerous…. You can be my wingman anytime… Bull sh@$- you can be mine”

The greatest flying song by the greatest band ever

21 Apr

Todd McClamrock at

19 Apr

What I learnt at Lydd Airport

4 Apr

1 down 6 to go

28 Mar

I have finally finished the first book of my flying study- Flying Training.

Next up is Aviation Law and Meteorology. I aim to finish this one much quicker especially as time is marching on.